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Robotic Farm Cleaning Equipment

The "Robotic Farm Cleaning Equipment" project, specifically tailored for Indian cattle farms, represents a pioneering initiative funded by the Agriculture Department of the district government. Under the diligent oversight of the Assistant Executive Engineer, Agricultural Division, this transformative endeavor introduces a three-stage methodology aimed at revolutionizing farm cleaning practices. Beginning with manual operation to lay the foundation for understanding and evaluating cost-effectiveness, the project now places paramount importance on the fully autonomous stage. Here, advanced technologies like lidar and SLAM navigation, coupled with a lithium-ion battery, drive the equipment towards complete autonomy in mapping and navigating farm environments. This strategic shift, backed by governmental support and expert supervision, underscores our commitment to harnessing cutting-edge solutions to enhance farm cleanliness, reduce manual labor dependency, and elevate overall agricultural efficiency and sustainability in alignment with the unique needs of Indian farmers.

Eightplanes Winfo

WINFO offers a comprehensive solution for water quality monitoring with numerous advantages. Its real-time monitoring capabilities ensure prompt detection of any deviations in pressure, turbidity, and pH levels, allowing for timely interventions to maintain water safety. The system's remote accessibility enables users to conveniently access and manage water quality data from anywhere via the dedicated app. With precise sensor measurements, data accuracy is guaranteed, empowering informed decision-making. The built-in notification system alerts users when preset thresholds are exceeded, facilitating immediate action. Moreover, WINFO is endorsed by the Kerala Water Authority, lending credibility and institutional support. Ongoing oversight by the Executive engineer ensures continuous monitoring and adaptation to evolving water quality challenges, further enhancing its effectiveness.

Autonomous Rover

Eightplanes Solutions Private Limited, in collaboration with Deepflow Technologies Pvt Ltd, spearheads the development of an autonomous four-wheel-drive rover equipped with 3D LiDAR technology for rubber tapping applications. Our team at Eightplanes Solutions is dedicated to the mechanical design aspect of this groundbreaking project. Leveraging our expertise in engineering and innovation, we meticulously craft the rover to navigate diverse terrains and effectively identify rubber trees for tapping. By integrating cutting-edge technology and robust construction, our mechanical designs ensure the rover's reliability and performance in real-world agricultural settings. Through our partnership with Deepflow Technologies, we are revolutionizing rubber tapping processes, driving efficiency, and sustainability in the industry.


By Hon. Speaker, A N Shamseer, Kerala Legislative Assembly

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